Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Blog is born.

I've been lurking in everyone else's food blogs for a while. So many have been so inspirational and entertaining at the very least. I'm pretty much at the start of my cooking journey and decided it would be a good time to start my own. Like everyone else, i want to put up pictures of my creations and recipes. If nothing else, many self-help books push writing journals as an outlet. I'm all for outlets. 

Come to think of it, i should have started this earlier. Then i could document how far i've come. I used to serve ham sandwiches to friends comprising of 2 slices of bread ( generic, white bread) and a slice of ham. Untoasted! Very un-glam. I also never ate vegetables until the age of 19. I used to live with my sisters in a little apartment while at university. Our cousins named us the Salvation Army because we would eat anything, and everything. And be very grateful for any food that was given to us. As the eldest of three i went through phases of dabbling and my sister, who was always in desperate need of a home cooked meal, always volunteered to be my food tester with misplaced optimism. I started cooking in Febuary 2007, more out of necessity than anything else. Living in a country town for 6 months away from the city made eating out more an anti-climax than anything else. Partly because we are very picky eaters.  Never did i imagine that the endless hours of thinking about food, looking at cookbooks, and cooking would bring me such a feeling of accomplishment. I never knew i had it in me. Apparently no one else did too.

The name Exploding fish comes from a fail-safe recipe handed to me by a friend. It consists of ocean trout or salmon in a pyrex dish ( with a lid) in a microwave at medium power.

Exploding Fish
2 trout fillets
a dash of soy sauce
a smidge of chinese rice wine
chopped ginger
coriander powder
chopped coriander or spring onion

  1. Put all ingredients in the dish except chopped herbs and cover
  2. Microwave on medium for 8 minutes
  3. Remove and add herbs and cover for a few minutes until ready to serve
For all who have used a microwave before, you can deduce where the exploding comes from. The beauty of this recipe is that you don't need exact amounts and you can add or substitute different herbs (ie chilli, lime, lemongrass, ginger) and it always works itself out! 


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